The company was founded in 1948. First production - carbon black DMG-80 - was obtained in March 1950. Entering the production capacity for carbon black lasted from 1950 to 1964.In 1956 the plant began construction of a workshop for the production of low-active carbon black. In 1959, the department gave its first products - carbon black PM-15, PM-30. In 1960 the plant mastered the production of rubber product mixtures, and in 1962 - the production of rubber adhesives.

In the period 1965-70 GG plant for the first time in the country mastered the process of wet granulation of furnace carbon black. In the years 1976-1981 under construction shop and full development of capacities for the production of carbon black PM-100, PM-50. In 1975-1985, mastered the production of rubber - technical goods - consumer goods.

In 1984, on the basis of the standard CMEA carbon black grades PM-100, PM-50 PM-15, PM-30V has been renamed, respectively, at P234, P514, P803, P705. With the help of scientists at the plant were utilized filtering sleeves of the new types of fabrics TSFT-2-0 and TSFT-2-GFS, the new brand of raw materials for the production of carbon black. For the first time at the plant mastered the processes of dry and wet granulation.

In close collaboration Plant worked with research institutions - VNIITU, YANPO "carbon black" NIISHPOM, NIIOgazom, Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics. Conducted research work, which were subsequently protected by copyright certificates. In 1992 the operating equipment and raw materials for the production of carbon black P514 mastered the production of carbon black P324. In 1993, mastered the production of carbon black P245.

In 1994 the company was reorganized into open joint stock company. To date, production company has been recognized not only in the Ukrainian market, but also in many countries such as Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Italy, etc.